How to Write and Print Checks in QuickBooks Online

It’s very normal to pay most of your bills online or with a credit card in today’s world. Sometimes, there are situations where a traditional check must still be printed. Here’s how to do it if you use one of QuickBooks’ small-business solutions, such as QuickBooks Online to print checks in QuickBooks Online.

Why Do You Want to Print Checks?

It’s interesting to note that in the business world, checks are still widely used. The Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) reports that between 2013 and 2016, there was an actual increase in B2B payments made by check. This is because of some factors:

  • Security: Fraud is more likely to occur with electronic payments. When a physical check is given, both parties are reassured that the payment is valid.
  • Large Purchases: Some people may find it uncomfortable to electronically transfer large amounts of money due to the risk of fraud. As a result, using a check to pay for expensive items is somewhat common.
  • Proof: You won’t receive the same proof of purchase when you send money electronically as when you pay with a check. You just need to show the canceled check or an image from an online banking page as proof of payment.
  • Timing: Paying with a check can give you a little extra time to get the money if you don’t have the cash on hand but don’t want to use credit. Most checks take two days to clear.

In terms of accounting, when you are creating a check in QuickBooks Online you are doing something important: When a check is created, the asset account is credited (your checking account balance decreases) and the expense/cost of goods account is debited (your profit and loss statement shows an increase in the expense or cost of goods sold). It might also debit a liability account, such as a credit card or loan, lowering the amount you owe. It is just like creating a paper check out of your checkbook. The steps you must take to make it happen are listed below.

Now that we know why paying with a check is advantageous, let’s see how to draft and print checks using QuickBooks Online.

Quick Instructions: How to Print Checks in QuickBooks Online?

  • Begin by going to the homepage, then you have to click the Quick Create icon and then (the+sign), now you have to select Vendors and then you have to click on Check.
  • Enter the necessary data, including the amount, in the check fields.
  • To credit and debit, you have to select the correct accounts.
  • To print your check, select Quick Create > Vendors > Print Check from that menu.
  • To make sure your printed amount lines up correctly on your pre-printed check stock, use the alignment wizard.
  • If you are satisfied with the alignment, then you can select Finish Preview and then you have to select Print.

Step 1: Create a check in QuickBooks Online

This is what the check form looks like in QuickBooks Online. Now from the homepage, you can click the Quick Create icon )the + sign), then you have to select Vendors, and then click on Check.

create checks in QuickBooks

You can purchase goods to resell by using the “Items” page in QuickBooks Online Plus. It’s a really good touch. This is supported by QuickBooks Online Plus; these things, known as two-sided items, pass through time or material expenses so that users can make invoices for them. You will also see “Class fields” “Location fields,” also “Plus” features. 

The following check will debit the Advertising and Rent accounts after crediting the company’s checking account. Therefore, the transaction is “split.” Additionally, the check will be printed later—a topic we will cover in a few minutes—instead of in the check number field. To track profitability, you can also mark the account amounts to a customer, sub-customer, or project. Also, you can click the “Billable” checkbox to pass through the expenses to a customer or project.

add to check

After saving the check and selecting the “More” tab/”Transaction Journal,” the following is what the check has done to the general ledger, just by clicking Save and Close:

general ledger

When there is already a bill, it’s not important to create a check, as this will duplicate the expense. As soon as you tab from the “Payee/Vendor” section on the check, you should pay attention to the “Drawer” transactions that will open. You should select “Pay the Bill” rather than “Create a Check” if you have previously entered a bill for the same expense. You may find “Pay Bills” by selecting the “+” sign.

Your accountant or bookkeeper may need to clear up overbooking expenses or COGS, and the main culprit is writing a check while a bill is still outstanding rather than paying the bill. Simply something to think about and be cautious of.

add to check

The good news is that you can pay down your payables the right way by adding the bill to the check that results from clicking the “Add” option in the drawer. This makes the check a “Bill Payment Check.”

Bill Payment Check

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Step 2: Printing a QuickBooks Check

The process for printing bill payment checks and normal checks is the same: You have to select Quick Create, then select Vendors, and then click on Print Check.

Let’s practice printing the $1,700 rent check for Auburn Hills dated November 26. To begin, select the “Print” setup tab located at the bottom of the “Print Checks” window. There are no other options for checking print alignment—you can only align the amount.

Print Checks

Do this alignment wizard before printing checks for the first time. By doing this, you can make sure that the printed amount on your pre-printed check stock matches up correctly. (Note: You’ll need an app, such as one of these if you want blank check stock.) This is what that wizard looks like.

print checks setup

You can click on No and continue the setup to get to the amount alignment field. You can enter the real horizontal and vertical values or press the “+/-” keys if you know them. Alternatively, you may just use your mouse to select the desired dollar amount and move it into place. After that, select “View preview and print sample,” and continue trying until the alignment is to your liking. Next, you have to select “Finish Setup.” Both vouchers and standard check stock are supported.

Now you have to click on Preview and then click on the print tab and now you can do your thing.

fine tune alignment

Once you have printed, after that you will be asked:

did you check print ok

Wait until the check(s) are fully printed before answering “yes.” It just so happens that your printer will decide to consume ten checks the moment you say yes and nothing is finished. You will need to open each one that didn’t print, mark it for printing, and repeat the process if you want to print them. 

QuickBooks Check Printing: Buying Checks

To print checks from QuickBooks you will need QuickBooks checks. QuickBooks offers three main types of checks for sale on their website. Let’s review them to see which is best for your business.

  • Basic Voucher Checks: These checks are intended for accounts payable and payroll. One stub can be sent to your vendor or employee, and the other can be retained for your records. A bundle of 50 checks starts at $36.99. 
  • Secure Plus Voucher Checks: These checks have advanced security features that protect against counterfeiting and forging, such as a custom watermark that prevents photocopying, a security coating that prevents tampering with your check information, and a heat-sensitive symbol. A set of fifty costs $66.99.
  • Secure Premier Voucher Checks: According to QuickBooks, these checks are the most secure checks on the market. They include even more security features, such as a security hologram that almost prevents anyone from counterfeiting your check. The starting price starts at $72.99 for a bundle of 50.

For a variety of different business purposes, QuickBooks offers additional checks.


Mastering the process of writing and printing checks in QuickBooks Online is important for efficient financial management. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can streamline your payment workflows, maintain accurate records, and ensure compliance with accounting standards. Whether you are a small business owner, an accountant, or a freelancer, QuickBooks Online offers advanced tools to simplify your check-writing process and enhance financial transparency. In case you still face any issues related to this then you can call the help desk team as the team is available around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Can I customize the appearance of checks in QuickBooks Online?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of checks in QuickBooks Online. You can add your company logo, select different check styles, and customize the fonts and colors to align with your brand identity.

Q2. Is it possible to print checks directly from QuickBooks Online?

Yes, QuickBooks Online enables you to print checks on blank or pre-printed check stock directly from your computer. This feature eliminates the need for manual writing and reduces errors associated with handwritten checks.

Q3. Can QuickBooks Online automatically reconcile my bank accounts after I write checks?

Yes, QuickBooks Online can automatically reconcile your bank accounts once transactions, including checks, are recorded. This feature helps maintain accurate financial records and simplifies the reconciliation process. 

Q4. Are there any security measures to protect my checks in QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online implements several security measures to protect your financial information, including data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security updates. It’s important to follow best practices for password management and access control to further enhance security.

Q5. What if I make a mistake on a check after it has been printed?

If you make a mistake on a check after it has been printed, you can void the check in QuickBooks Online and issue a replacement. You have to make sure to update your records accordingly to maintain accurate accounting.

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