How to Print Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Online?

Payroll processing for your employees is made simple with QuickBooks Online, as is creating pay stubs that follow the state’s regulations. (You are not required by federal regulations to give your employees pay stubs.)

The process of printing pay stubs in QuickBooks Online is explained in detail in this article. But let’s first look at the pay stub paper in more detail.

Pay Stubs Explained

Employees receive pay stubs from you, the employer, which includes a detailed summary of their earnings, benefits, taxes deducted, and taxes paid on their behalf. The pay slip in QuickBooks Online appears like this:

Pay Stubs

This pay stub is ready to print as a PDF file on standard 8.5 by 11-inch paper. Keep in mind that this document is looks similar as a “Pay Stub Detail” even if it appears to be a check. For employees who you do not pay by direct deposit, you are unable to print it onto your check stock to create a physical paycheck. You must specify in QuickBooks Online’s print settings whether you must generate paper paychecks for your staff (more on this later.)

Pay stubs provide important data that your employees need to verify they are getting paid correctly and that taxes are being deducted appropriately. Pay stubs may also indicate how much of an employee’s allotted vacation and sick leave has been used, according to state regulations. The contributions made by employees to any benefits plans your business offers will also be shown on their pay stub.

Pay stubs are useful to more people than just your staff, though. Lenders and social services organizations typically require a recent pay stub—and even many recent pay stubs—before lending money or approving benefits since pay stubs provide both current and year-to-date information. This helps in ensuring that these institutions and agencies are choosing their approvals wisely.

You should still give your employees a pay stub with every paycheck even if they don’t regularly check them or require them for social services or a lender. Pay stubs are mandated by law in many states, and some even have rules for the electronic delivery of pay stubs. For additional information regarding your state’s pay stub delivery requirements, get in touch with the labor office.

Printing QuickBooks Pay Stubs

Now that you understand the benefits of providing your employees with pay stubs, let’s go over how to print pay stubs in QuickBooks Online.

Firstly, confirm that QuickBooks Online’s Payroll feature is activated. Hover your cursor over “Workers” on the dashboard’s left side and select “Employees” to turn on QuickBooks Payroll.

Printing QuickBooks Pay Stubs

Click the green “Get Started” button on the next screen.

Click the green "Get Started" button on the next screen.

Keep in mind that your QuickBooks Online subscription does not include QuickBooks Payroll, which is a premium service. Basic payroll costs $22.50 a month plus $4 for each employee; full-service payroll costs $62.50 a month plus $10 for each employee.

You must create your payroll settings after activating your QuickBooks Payroll subscription. In the upper right corner of your screen, you have to click the Gear symbol. Then you have to click on Payroll Settings.

Payroll Setting

Click the pencil symbol next to the Printing setting on the screen that displays.

Click the pencil symbol next to the Printing setting

Then you have to select your printing options. You can select “plain paper” if all of your employees are paid by direct deposit. If not, select the type of check stock—one or two stubs—and save. Click “Done” to complete entering your payroll settings.

select plain paper or type of check stock

You can print pay stubs for your employees once you have set up QuickBooks Payroll and completed your first payroll. In QuickBooks Online, the Employees section under the Workers tab is where you will find the option to print pay stubs. This is the same location where you activated payroll. Your screen will now appear somewhat different, though:

Workers tab is where you will find the option to print pay stubs

A list of your employees is now displayed on the Employees screen. You can use the search box (a) to look up an employee, or you can use the sort options (b) to arrange your list according to Active, Inactive, or All Employees. To set up a new employee from this screen, use the “Add an employee” button (c).

The “Paycheck list” link (d) is the item on this screen that is most relevant to our needs. 

Paycheck list

This screen’s default setting is to display every paycheck from the last payroll run. To view previous paychecks, you can adjust this setting by selecting the filter drop-down menu.

You are now prepared to print the pay stubs for your employees after selecting the correct payroll period. Choose which paychecks you wish to have pay stubs printed for. To do this, either click the checkbox next to the “Pay Date” entry to pick every check at once, or choose each checkbox separately.

The filter drop-down box will be replaced with a Print button as soon as you select paychecks.

filter drop-down box

To generate a PDF of your employees’ pay stubs, click the Print option. You can then print the document on plain paper and provide it to your employees.

Important note: Make sure the pay stubs you give your direct deposit employees are printed using the “plain paper” setting so “Pay Stub Detail” appears on the document if some of your employees receive physical paychecks while others receive direct deposit payments. Otherwise, a dishonest person might make a duplicate paycheck using the pay stub document.

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Electronically delivering pay stubs by QuickBooks Online

You can also choose to provide your employees with their QuickBooks pay stubs electronically. Firstly, find out the requirements of your state for pay stubs to be electronically delivered. To receive their pay stub online, your employees may need to fill out an opt-in form (at the moment, Hawaii is the only state that requires this).

Your employees can view their pay stubs electronically by going to, the QuickBooks Workforce website, if you are required by law to furnish them. You can invite an employee to access their pay stubs and W-2s online when you create their profile for them in QuickBooks Online by using the “Add an employee” button. However, you must get the employee’s approval before allowing them to view their W-2s online. The employee can be invited to the QuickBooks Workforce website by providing their email address and then checking the next box.

After you process payroll, your staff members can log in and view their pay stubs right away. By signing into their Workforce account, clicking Preferences, and then selecting “send me an email when new pay stubs are available,” they can also opt to receive an email notification whenever new pay stubs become available. This email message is merely informing your staff that a new pay stub is ready for them to view; it will not include a pay stub itself.

You can also email your employees a PDF of their pay stubs with a relatively minimal chance of their personal information being compromised because QuickBooks Payroll truncates their Social Security numbers. If you decide to transmit pay stubs to your staff via email, we do advise password-protecting the PDF.

Password-protecting each employee’s pay stub separately can take some time, depending on your PDF production and editing program. The time required for this process is increased by the extra step of emailing each PDF separately. Because of this, in the most of situations, we advise letting QuickBooks Workforce handle the electronic delivery of pay stubs.


Printing pay stubs in QuickBooks Online is a straightforward process that ensures both employers and employees have accurate and accessible records of payroll transactions. By following the steps outlined in this guide, users can easily generate, preview, and print pay stubs directly from their QuickBooks Online account. This not only helps in maintaining clear and organized financial records but also complies with legal requirements for payroll documentation. If facing any query then contact the help desk team at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. How do I access the payroll feature in QuickBooks Online?

Ans. To access the payroll feature, navigate to the left-hand menu and select “Payroll.” From there, you can manage all payroll-related activities, including viewing and printing pay stubs.

Q2. Can I print multiple pay stubs at once in QuickBooks Online?

Ans. Yes, you can print multiple pay stubs at once. Go to the “Payroll” section, select “Employees,” and choose the specific pay period. From there, you can select multiple employees and print their pay stubs in one batch.

Q3. What if I can’t find the pay stub I need to print?

Ans. Make sure you are looking for the correct pay period. If the pay stub is still missing, verify that the payroll has been processed and approved. You can also use the search feature to find specific pay stubs by employee name or date.

Q4. How do I customize the information that appears on a pay stub?

Ans. To customize pay stub information, go to “Payroll Settings” and select “Paycheck Printing Settings.” Here, you can choose what details to include, such as employee address, company name, and other relevant information.

Q5. Can employees print their own pay stubs from QuickBooks Online?

Ans. Yes, if you provide employees with access to their QuickBooks Workforce account, they can log in and print their pay stubs.

Q6. Is it possible to email pay stubs directly to employees?

Ans. Yes, you can email pay stubs directly to employees. 

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