How to Fix QuickBooks Error 179?

The quantity and variety of software used in day-to-day operations must be carefully considered by small and medium-sized enterprises. The majority of companies favor using software that can manage multiple tasks at once. Accounting software that meets all requirements is Intuit QuickBooks Desktop. In addition to related uses, the software may manage expenses and sales. Despite the fact that it has many sophisticated features, consumers have problems when some parts break. One of the most common and serious mistakes that users of the QuickBooks program may run across is QuickBooks Error 179. Any user who tries to log into a bank website will get QuickBooks Error code 179. Incomplete bank transactions or the website failing could result from this problem. QuickBooks prevents the bank from receiving any kind of data or from taking any action on the bank website when it encounters a problem. 

This technical post was created just to help you comprehend the causes of QuickBooks error 179 and how to resolve it. There have been several methods for fixing the QuickBooks problem 179 that have been described in full along with the actions needed to complete the procedure. 

What is QuickBooks Error 179?

An authorization problem known as QuickBooks error 179 arises when something goes wrong with your account. The main reason for this is that QuickBooks and the server of your bank are not able to communicate. You won’t be able to access your company data as a result of this mistake. Well, with our excellent troubleshooters, one may effortlessly address the problem and be done with it in a set amount of time. Furthermore, since most business owners experience file corruption due to a delayed resolution, this issue is extremely concerning. It is therefore recommended to find a quick solution to the problem.

When consumers attempt to use QuickBooks to access their bank accounts but are unable to access their account data, QuickBooks Error 179 is raised. The problem that keeps users from downloading account data is most likely related to authorization problems. Some of the most typical reasons for QuickBooks Error 179 are listed here. 

  • Missing items from lists.
  • Other deadly mistakes in QuickBooks Desktop that started a series of mistakes.
  • Other accounts’ balance sheet reports are not updated.
  • Random mistakes, including missing transaction data, in firm files.
  • The Payments to Deposit pane incorrectly displayed the deposited payments.
  • Report discrepancies, such as negative figures in bills and invoices.
  • The values in the transaction log files are not equal to the total number of QuickBooks transactions.

What Are the Reasons Behind QuickBooks Error 179?

Enumerated below are the probable causes of QuickBooks error code 179.

  • QuickBooks error 179 may occur if transactions in your database are deleted or corrupted.
  • This issue could appear if your company file is no longer on the host machine that you are using to run QuickBooks.
  • If any errors are detected by the system in your technical or financial reports, such as the invoices or bills.
  • The error 179 QuickBooks may occur if a customer’s name is removed from the list or if any customer information is erased.
  • Another option is to look for the balance sheet date that you are utilizing for that specific account.

Symptoms for QuickBooks Error 179

When your software encounters the QuickBooks Error 179, you may notice the symptoms listed below.

  • The inputs are no longer being processed by your QuickBooks desktop program. 
  • During the process, the null or void values are entered by the QBs software. 
  • Essential software data disappears. 
  • There is corruption or damage to your corporate file. 
  • Windows operates at an extremely slow pace. 
  • Suddenly, the QuickBooks desktop closes.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 179?

Now that you are aware of the causes of QuickBooks error code 179, we will go over several solutions in this section of the post to help you resolve the error if it occurs.

Sign Out from multiple browsers

The QuickBooks 179 error can be fixed by logging out of separate browsers even if you are using the same bank website and have logged in from different ones. Observe the instructions below:

  • First things first, make sure you are logged out of any other devices or browsers that you are using to visit the bank website.
  • After you log out, you must remember that no one else is using your login credentials to access the website. You must log out of their device as well if you discover any.
  • You must use your login information in the QuickBooks software after completing the first two procedures. You’ll need to attempt to access the bank’s website after that.

Deleting your browser history

Removing the browsing history from your computer is the next step in the procedure. The QuickBooks error 179 can be fixed in this way.

  • Launching your internet browser is the first step.
  • You will now need to select the settings option and then select the more option.
  • It will then be necessary for you to select the option to remove the browsing data.
  • It will now take you to a new window where all of your browsing data, including passwords and cache, is displayed. You must click through each option to ensure that all of the data is deleted.
  • The removal of the browsing history could take some time.
  • After it’s finished, you’ll need to attempt logging into your bank’s website once more.

Log Out from the Internet Banking

Logging out of your online banking is the next technique. Execute the above-specified procedure. 

  • Verifying whether you are logged in from any computer is the first thing you should do. Should that be the case, you must log off of every device.
  • You’ll need to make sure that no one else is using your login information after that.
  • It is now necessary for you to log into the bank account, but please do so as an administrator.

Update the Bank Account Info

In order to complete the upgrade for your financial institution, you must follow the instructions.

  • First, navigate to the tools area and select the online centre option.
  • It will next be necessary for you to choose the financial institution you wish to upgrade.
  • You will now need to simultaneously press the Ctrl and F3 keys in order to launch a new window.
  • The contact information option will then need to be clicked. 
  • Once more, you must choose the financial institution and then choose the refresh option.
  • Following this, you will need to select the update option.
  • After that, you’ll need to enter the password if it prompts you to do so.
  • At this point, you must click the “b” to initiate the updating procedure. 
  • After it has been updated, see if the mistake still exists

Use of QuickBooks Backup Key

Using the QuickBooks backup key and exporting the file is the final solution we can recommend. It will require you to open a command prompt and type regedit to make it accessible. The next step is to choose the QuickBooks error 179 and then choose the export option. The QuickBooks backup key must then be selected from the relevant folder, and you must click OK. After that, the key will be updated automatically.

Updating of Financial Institution Data

There is a discrepancy in the data, which prevents QuickBooks Desktop from retrieving the bank account information. Make sure that the information you supplied in QuickBooks corresponds to the bank details. 

  • Click the Tools option after launching QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose Online Centre from the menu and then choose your bank or another financial institution from the list.
  • To access the Contact Info, concurrently press the Ctrl and F3 keys on your keyboard.
  • After making the necessary adjustments, select Update/Send after setting the branding and profile information to “needs updating.”
  • If asked, enter the password.
  • To add the information, select Update Now.

Try logging into the bank account and gaining access to the QuickBooks data. You might need to make adjustments in the Windows Registry if it still doesn’t work.

Repairing of Windows Registry

QuickBooks Desktop’s settings and preferences are stored in the Windows Registry. Occasionally, making a backup and reinstalling the program could fix the issue.

  • In Windows, type Regedit at the command prompt to open the Register Entry.
  • Right-click on the Computer icon and select Export if you wish to create a full registry backup.
  • All software, including QuickBooks programs like QuickBooks Pro that are installed on the system, will be backed up and stored in a backup folder with a.reg file extension as a result.
  • Open the Registry Editor and restore the.reg file.
  • Check if the issue still exists after re-launching QuickBooks.

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Finally, we hope that our advice on QuickBooks error 179 was helpful to you and was useful. Errors in banking should be corrected right away because they may be crucial to your business and data. I hope the methods you used worked to remove the QuickBooks problem 179. Our QuickBooks support staff is available if you still feel that you require technical assistance.

We are the official QuickBooks hosting provider approved by Intuit, and we give free, round-the-clock technical assistance by phone, chat, and email when using QuickBooks cloud hosting. All versions of QuickBooks, including Enterprise, Pro, and Premier, can be fixed with our assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q 1: What are the steps of the browser issue for troubleshooting the QuickBooks error 179? 

Ans. Browser cookies are known to cause problems, not only with QuickBooks but with other software programs as well.

  • Log off from the bank’s website on every device connected to the network where QuickBooks Desktop is set up.
  • For each user account that you may have used to access QuickBooks and the bank account, delete the browsing history and empty the cache.
  • Go into the bank account through the web browser and attempt to retrieve the information from QuickBooks.

Q 2: What should be taken into account prior to debugging QuickBooks error 179?

Ans. Users need to make sure the following are in order before debugging the QuickBooks error code 179:

  • The system needs to be compatible with QuickBooks at least.
  • The company file for QuickBooks shouldn’t sustain any damage.
  • The most recent version of QuickBooks ought to be installed.
  • QuickBooks requires users to log in as administrators.

Q 3: Can I use the Windows system’s QBWin.log file to access and fix the QuickBooks Error 179?

Ans: There are several potential causes of QuickBooks Error 179, such as corrupted files, damaged system components, or malicious software. Nonetheless, examining the QBWin.log file is among the best methods for debugging this error.

This file holds comprehensive data regarding QuickBooks activities and is found in the Windows system directory. Examining this file will help you identify the exact cause of the issue and take action to fix it. Restarting QuickBooks might be enough to resolve the issue in some circumstances.

Q 4: Why is QuickBooks error 179 occurring?

Ans. When you see error 179, it indicates that the bank’s website may have previously detected that you are signed in somewhere else. The bank may not have yet confirmed your request, but it’s possible that you logged out or neglected to properly exit the bank’s app. Bank servers may not notice a request for a logout for up to fifteen minutes.

Q 5: QB abort error: what is it?

Ans. When QuickBooks crashes or cannot continue it aborts and does not allow any changes to be made to its company files or saved state. Essentially, the user is being prompted by the software to abort the current transaction and restart it to continue.

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