Fix QuickBooks 12000 Series Error Codes When Getting Payroll Updates

One of the top accounting and payroll programs for small and medium-sized enterprises is QuickBooks Payroll Software. But frequently, when installing or updating the software, customers see the error messages shown below. The user may run into the QuickBooks 12000 series error issues when working on or modifying payroll in QuickBooks. Keep reading through this post to the conclusion if you are experiencing any similar errors.

The potential reasons for these problem codes and our troubleshooting techniques will be covered in this post. These issues typically arise during payroll changes or update downloads for QuickBooks desktop. 

What is QuickBooks 12000 Series Error?

When it comes to internet connectivity issues with QuickBooks 12XXX on Windows, the Microsoft Win32 application programming interface is typically where they are reported. Usually, when a user downloads or receives an update, these issues occur.

List of QuickBooks 12000 series error codes:

Some of the 12000 series are as follows:-

  • 12002 Error Code
  • 12009 Error Code
  • 12029 Error Code
  • 12164 Error Code
  • 12008 Error Code
  • 12057 Error Code
  • 12157 Error Code
  • 12166 Error Code
  • 12001 Error Code
  • 12007 Error Code
  • 12006 Error Code
  • 12031 Error Code
  • 12052 Error Code
  • 12152 Error Code
  • 12165 Error Code
  • 12173 Error Code

QuickBooks Error Code 12001 via 12006

QuickBooks desktop is unable to finish updating. Make that everything is functioning properly with the internet connection.

QuickBooks Error Code 12007

When the server’s IP address cannot be found by the QuickBooks desktop, an error may occur.

QuickBooks Error Code 12008 via 12164

If the internet connection is the problem, QuickBooks desktop may not be able to finish the update.

QuickBooks Error Code 12052

This error notice is vague and suggests that QuickBooks is having trouble connecting, which is preventing it from obtaining any updates.

Reasons for Occurring QuickBooks 12000 Series

  • These issues arise from QuickBooks’s inability to utilize the computer’s internet connection.
  • The primary cause of the payroll software’s inability to connect to the internet is that the QuickBooks Download is impacted by the installed apps on the computer. This covers firewalls, antivirus software, and many more.
  • Internet outages may also be the cause of the issues.
  • This happens if either Internet Explorer is not the default browser or if the Internet Explorer option does not have the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) checkbox enabled.

Important: According to Intuit, QuickBooks Update Error 12007 or other 12000 series is typically brought on by an inability for QuickBooks to locate a server’s IP address. In order to resolve this issue, confirm that Internet Explorer is set up correctly.

Way of Fixing QuickBooks 12000 Series Error Code?

While downloading a payroll or QuickBooks Desktop updates, fix issues 12002, 12007, 12009, 12029, and 12031.
Update problems occur when QuickBooks Desktop is unable to establish a successful internet connection. This could occur when an antivirus or firewall program is interfering with the update, or when the browser and security settings are incorrect. The troubleshooting steps are listed below.

  • Test the connectivity and settings

Since QuickBooks connects to the Internet via Internet Explorer, it must be set as the default browser. It’s advisable to see if you have access to other websites. 

  • After downloading, launch the TLS 1.2 Utility.

    Make sure you can access secure websites like your financial institution’s sign-in page from outside of QuickBooks Desktop. 

Important Note: A computer or IT specialist should be consulted if you are unable to access a secure website from within QuickBooks.

  • Review the settings of Internet Explorer

Update downloads can occasionally be hampered by Internet Explorer settings. To examine the settings in Internet Explorer, go to: 

  1. Go to Internet Explorer and close QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. After choosing Tools, select Internet Options.
    Note: If Tools is not visible, press Alt on the keyboard.
  3. Choose the Globe icon from the Security tab, and then confirm that the security level is set to no more than medium-high.
  4. Choose the appropriate ISP or Never Dial a Connection under the Connections tab depending on whether you use the system’s dial-up node (DUN).
  5. Choose OK.
  6. After choosing LAN Settings, confirm that the automatically detected settings are chosen and that the Use a Proxy Server checkbox is cleared.
    Make a note of the entire IP and port if Use a Proxy Server is chosen.
    Keep the Use a Proxy Server option selected if the port isn’t port 80.
    You can clear the checkbox for testing purposes if the port is 80.
  7. Choose OK.
  8. Now you have to select Restore advanced settings from the advanced tab. Then, locate and confirm that Use TLS 1.2 is chosen under Settings.
    (You may not have these options in your version of Internet Explorer.)
  9. Choose OK.
  10. After quitting Internet Explorer, turn on your computer again.
  11. Open QuickBooks Desktop now to give the update another go.
  • Check the settings of the security

The next step is to ascertain whether another program or process is blocking the download if none of the previously suggested fixes fix the problem. See an IT specialist or computer specialist if you are unable to identify the security program that is generating the issue.
Set up parental control software, personal firewalls, and Internet security for Windows firewall, QuickBooks Desktop updates, tax table updates, and payroll data transmission.
Try downloading the update again after starting Microsoft Windows in safe mode with networking if these methods were not successful in fixing the problem.

Some More Solutions for Fixing QuickBooks 12000 Series Error Codes

In the event that none of the above fixes the problem, attempt these actions:

  • Updating of QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release

Try to download and install the QuickBooks update after restarting your computer and resetting the updates. Verify that single-user mode is selected for the company file.

  • QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

Have a look at Install, Update, and Set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to update your manager.

  • Verify if you own the most recent version.

  1. Start the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  2. To access the Product Information window, hit F2 (also known as Ctrl+1).
  3. Verify your release and version right now.
Verify your release and version right now.
  • Use Selective Startup to reinstall QuickBooks.

  1. QuickBooks 2024 R6_75
  2. QuickBooks 2023 R12_24
  3. QuickBooks 2022 R15_34
  4. QuickBooks 2021 R17_23
  • Install the update

When updates are released, QuickBooks will download them automatically. The status bar in the upper right corner will display the message “Update available” once the update has finished downloading. Installing the update is the next step. If you close the product and leave the computer or system on, the update will install itself. The manual update installation method is as follows: 

  1. After choosing Update available, click Install Now to begin the update installation.
  2. While the update is installed, kick back and enjoy yourself. The update installation process could take some time.
  3. After the update is installed, launch QuickBooks.

To process payroll in QuickBooks, if you have a Payroll subscription, obtain the most recent payroll tax table. Remember that you need to have a current Payroll subscription.

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Solutions for installing the Update in Case You are Not Able to Update

An update might occasionally stop progressing to the next release number. Alternatively, there could be a problem when installing the update. Here’s how to resolve these problems. 

Solution 1: Downloading of update again

To check if the release number advances, repeat these steps a few times.

  • Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop under Help.
  • Click Update Now and choose Get Updates.
  • To install the update once more, close and reopen QuickBooks.

Solution 2: End the task on the following process

  • Close the QuickBooks program.
  • Select the task manager by right-clicking on the taskbar.
  • Find the following background processes under the details tab, click on each, and end the task.
  • QBW32.exe or QBW.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • qbupdate.exe
  • QBDBMgr.exe or QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBMapi32.exe
  • Choose Run as administrator when you do a right-click on the QuickBooks shortcut.
  • Try the update once more.
  • For QuickBooks Desktop Mac
  • Check for the latest release
  • Launch the Mac version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The Product Information window can be accessed by pressing Command + 1.
  • Verify your release and version right now.
Verify your release and version right now.

The release notes for each version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac contain the most recent release information:

  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 R3_2
  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 R6_2
  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 R11_2
  • QuickBooks Mac 2021 R14_2
  • Manual Update
  • Click the QuickBooks menu and then choose Check for Updates.
  • Choose Install and restart.
Manual Update

Note: To ensure that updates are installed automatically in the future, check the box labeled automatically download and install updates in the future.

  • Not able to install the update

An update might occasionally stop progressing to the next release number. Alternatively, there could be a problem when installing the update. Here’s how to resolve these problems.

  • Download the update again

To check if the release number advances, repeat these steps a few times.

  • Click the QuickBooks menu and choose Check for Updates.
  • Choose to Install and Restart.
  • Get the updates from the download site
  • Choose the normal setup by going to the Downloads & Updates page.
  • Make sure to choose your nation from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose your product by selecting it from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose your version (year) from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Search.
  • Pick Get the most recent information.
  • Open the file to begin the update installation after the download is complete. Restart your computer after the installation.

Installing or Uninstalling the QuickBooks Desktop in Selective Startup

Try again with Selective Startup if you are having trouble installing or uninstalling QuickBooks on your PC. You can resume your business after we demonstrate how.

Prior to commencing, ensure that you:

  • Make a duplicate of your corporate file.
  • Save a copy of your QuickBooks Desktop license information and product.

Step 1: Switch to the selective startup

Change to Selective startup to ensure that no other programs interfere with your work. Speak with the manufacturer of your machine or a Windows specialist if you find the procedures difficult to follow.

  • Press Windows+R on your keyboard to launch the Run command.
  • After typing in msconfig, click OK.
  • Choose Selective Startup and Load System Services from the General tab.
  • Click Services and choose Hide all Microsoft Services.
  • Choose Disable All.
Choose Disable All.
  • Take the tick off of “Hide all Microsoft services.”
  • From the list of services you have to select Windows Installer in order to install Windows.
  • Press OK.
  • Choose Restart from the System Configuration menu.

Step 2: Choose to install or uninstall QuickBooks Desktop

  • Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To access the Run command, type Windows+R on your keyboard.
  • Enter msconfig, and then click OK.
  • Choose Normal Startup under the General tab.
  • Press OK.
  • Choose Restart from the System Configuration menu.


QuickBooks customers may quickly resolve QuickBooks 12000 series issues by putting the aforementioned solutions into practice. Users can contact our technical support staff by calling the toll-free number if they are unable to resolve problem codes 12029, 12031, 12007, 12009, or 12002. Our QuickBooks payroll technical support staff is here to assist you around the clock. We are delighted to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. In QuickBooks Desktop, what does error 12002 mean?

Ans. The QuickBooks payroll error 12002 appears when the program is unable to connect to the internet. A slow internet connection or a network timeout may be the cause of this kind of error.

Q2. Error code 12002 timeout: what is it?

Ans. An error code for the Microsoft Win32 Internet (WinInet) API is “Error 12002”. With WinInet, stand-alone applications may easily access common Internet protocols including HTTP, FTP, and Gopher. It is indicated by the error that the request has expired.

Q4. What does 12002 in the operating system mean?

Ans. It indicates that there was a problem with the way your system was operating if you have this error 12002 on your computer. One of the problems that customers could encounter while trying to install or uninstall software incorrectly or unsuccessfully and leaving invalid entries in system components is the error code “error 12002”.

Q5. In Qualys, what does error code 12002 mean?

Ans. The error “(WinHttp) the request has timed out” (Error: 12002) is displayed by your agents. This error message suggests that although the agent has successfully resolved the cloud endpoint’s DNS name, it is unable to connect to the endpoint. Check to see if there’s anything wrong with your network that might be creating timeouts.

Q6. What is 12002 error delivering data?

Ans. Generally speaking, Windows-related file corruption or, in rare instances, malicious or inadvertent file removals are the root causes of this Windows Error Code 12002 issues. By obtaining and installing the most recent version of your Microsoft Corporation file, you can fix a significant portion of these file problems.

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